It’s a Bike. It’s a Bar. It’s Both.

With all the stern glances and muffled grumblings lately, it’s almost like they don’t want you drinking beers in spin class… Absurd, we know. But it may be worth looking into alternatives. Like this: The Buzz Bike, an open-air bar on wheels that you and 15 friends will pedal all over town, booking rides now…. Read More

Buzz Bike Heads to Dallas

Get ready, Dallas! The first Buzz Bike is coming to DFW. The Buzz Bike has six barstool seats on each side, with pedals underneath.There’s also a bench for several people in the back — and then one person can stand inside the ‘bar.’The Buzz Bike is BYOB, beer and wine only.And yes, the City of… Read More

‘Buzz Bike’ offering Dallas tours…

Something called a “Buzz Bike” will hit the streets of Dallas this weekend. It’s a pedal-powered mobile pub that seats 16 people. They are allowed to drink during the ride, but they must bring their own beer or wine. A sober tour guide sits behind the wheel. The bike will travel the streets of Uptown,… Read More

Feel the Burn (While Boozing) on the Buzz Bike!

Just like Houston, Austin, and Fort Worth, Dallas now has its very own bicycle pub. If you haven’t seen the 16-person, pedal-powered vehicle—dubbed The Buzz Bike—roaming the streets of Dallas, you will soon. D Magazine editor Cristina Daglas, who has taken a similar ride in Milwaukee, volunteered to be my partner in crime for the tour this… Read More