Buzz Bike, Dallas’ New Pedal-Powered Pub, Starts Riding!

Last September we told you that Dallas was getting its very own Buzz Bike. This was after cities like Houston and Fort Worth had been rubbing their pedal-powered pubs in our faces for some time. But after some permitting and route-planning issues that caused delays, the wait for those who want to pedal like they’re… Read More

Grab a seat, Dallas’ first beer bike is on the move!

DALLAS — Houston has five. Austin has three.Fort Worth has one. And now Dallas has its first: a beer bike. The Buzz Bike, as it’s officially called, is a 16-person contraption powered solely by people pedaling. It officially took its first spin in Dallas in January and is permitted to ride on specific routes around Uptown, downtown,… Read More Heralds the Coming of The Buzz Bike!

The legality of drinking while biking is sort of a gray area, but soon Dallas residents will have a new, totally legal option: Stay tuned for the Buzz Bike, a “16-seater, pedal-powered, mobile pub”that will allow folks to supply their own beer and wine (sorry, no Jager bombs) for pre-planned trips around the West End/Uptown/downtown areas; the owners hope to… Read More